hey, my name is james and i am a uk-born industrial designer based in sydney, australia
I have been a creative person ever since I could walk, taking apart everything I could lay my hands on whenever my parents were brave enough to let me out of the house.​​​​​​​
In highschool, I started my own small woodworking business making one of a kind wooden products In a small workshop out of my garage. 
I am a hard worker, having undertaken work as an electrician as well as a construction labourer.
I have a fundamental understanding of what workers must do to repair or demolish bad design, and how to design for correct and efficient assembly and disassembly.
Since I have known what industrial design is, I have consumed knowledge, rapidly building my skillset over the years and gaining freelance work and high praise including a publication in Acta Astronautica on Science Direct.
I have also been born to fill leadership roles. Instructing other toddlers to build sand castles in Europe even though we didn't speak a word of the same language. 
I have also been a member of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) where I honed my discipline and leadership skills further leading teams of cadets in deep bush bivoacs in various scenarios. 
my design philosophy
I love design that feels strong, rugged, and quality. Seeing products from previous generations when things lasted forever and could be repaired by hand fill me with a passion to create iconic, enduring, and functional posessions in a sustainable manner that will stay with people until they can hand them down to the next generation.

instagram - @i_eat_food_and_draw
contact - mrjamesrhill@gmail.com
Design Freelancer   2019 - present 
Pharmaceutical Opertations Officer  2020 - present
Featured In - Acta Astronautica 2021
Designing for Astronaut Health and Wellbeing

Venture Makers Innovation Challenge Winner
Western Sydney Univeristy Widevision 2022 Innovation Award
DIA Graduate of the Year Award (Nominee)
Makers - Chris Anderson
The Secret Lives of Colour - Kassia St Clair
Mythos - Steven Fry
The Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman​​​​​​​

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien 
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